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Recommended resources 

  • The Framework describes the Chinese learning progression of non-Chinese speaking children in kindergartens

  • The Framework could be applied for observing children’s abilities and adjusting the teaching progress.

  • For parents to understand children’s abilities.

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Especially designed for non-Chinese speaking children.Including

  • Story Book with Recording of Reading Aloud

  • Character Recognition and Writing

  • Interactive word game

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  • Ranking Chart of high frequency words

  • Radicals Index

  • Stroke Index

For Searching Chinese

  • pinyin 

  • Syllable

  • Homophones

  • Pronunciation

 Copyright © Education towards Biliteracy and Trilingualism: An Internet Support Project

  • In just a few simple steps, you can create the stroke order copying exercises you need.

  • Attached examples of Cantonese Pronunciation .

  • Stroke order animation 

  • Online stroke order exercises

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  • Parents can use the simple English explanations provided in the website to help kids understand the meanings of the Chinese lexical items.

  • Included with six supplementary lists of four-character expressions, idiomatic phrases, words used in classical Chinese, terms and proper nouns, transliterated loan words and characters used in names. 

  • Copyright©
    Chinese Language Education Section Curriculum Development InstituteEducation Bureau

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